Our Team

Shawn Scott

Sr Corporate Agronomist

Shawn is a seasoned agronomist with over three decades of experience in cultivating row crops and contributing to agriculture research. He served as the Associate Director of Agriculture Research at Auburn University for 26.5 years before joining AgronX. His passion for agriculture and experience in the field make him a valuable asset to our team.

Pete Rethans

Director of Agriculture

Pete brings more than 35 years of agronomic expertise to the team that is inclusive of all aspects of our industry. As a grower himself, he seeks to deliver real solutions that drive profitability for all of our grower partners.

Bailey Lawson


Bailey graduated with a Master's in Crop and Soil Science from the University of Georgia in 2023. Her master's research centered around crop physiology. Outside of research, she brings on-farm experience and enthusiam to our agronomy team.

AgronX has a Research and Development Team with over 75 years of experience in materials science and chemistry.  The team collaborates with our sales engineers to develop customer-focused technologies and create innovative agriculture solutions that benefit growers and the environment.